hi there! we are transitioning over to a new name and new web page. you might have gotten here from that name and site are going away. we were feeling a bit tired of it and weren’t getting much motivation from it.

so why Gracie Jean? well, Gracie is that beautiful Boston Terrier you see on this page. Jean is my cousin that passed away in 2015. we inherited Gracie and i thought i should crochet some Bostons up (which i am still working on). then i was repeating Gracie Jean in my head, don’t know why. but it happened. and then i thought, hey that would be a good name and motivation for me to make these little Bostons ¬†and if i only ever make enough money selling them to donate to various animal rescues and what not then so be it!

So here is Gracie Jean.


Cat, Ian, Gracie, and Darla (our Schnauzer)

(Love and miss you Cousin. Gracie is adorable. We are honored to have her in our home.)